Monday, April 30, 2012

Finance Your Movie In The Game

I know a lot of people who spent years of their life pitching their grand film project to studios to no avail. I also know many who went to prominent film schools in the hopes that they would work their way through the system into making their own movie. Unfortunately, none of them has yet to actually make anything. It's a sad fact, and many are unaware, that the chances of an independent or outsider getting a film into the studio system, through production and into distribution are slim to none.

With the advent of digital film making technology, there are many who have chosen to go the independent film route, creating their own film projects out of pocket or with small private investment. Too many would be creators, though, have grand dreams. They desire to make huge films that will cost a lot of money no matter how you look at it. So how does one go about getting a larger project financed?

We all know that the internet has, in the past, been put to great use to gain marketing buzz for a movie or even, in some cases, get a movie financed, but with our convergence mentality, where movies, video games and the internet seem to blend together more and more everyday, there is one avenue to financing an independent film that I am surprised many seem to overlook. That avenue lies in the economy of online multiplayer games.

Ailin Graef is a player in the massive multiplayer online experience Second Life. She started nearly three years ago with a mere account and, in that time, has used her skills as a designer to create a considerable amount of money. In that online 3D world she owns 36 square miles of virtual property, which a player can build houses on and rent to other players. She also owns virtual shopping malls and numerous in-game brands. All this amounts to holdings worth million in real world money!

The currency in online game worlds has been quickly gaining value against the real world dollar, just like comparing dollars to yen. A lot of this began years ago in one of the first popular online games known as Everquest. People were selling high level characters they created, magical items and even stashes of in-game gold for thousands of dollars in real money on Ebay. According to, a piece of gold, in the massively popular World of Warcraft game, is worth 18 cents. Players will actually camp in a spot where they know the greatest monsters appear. They kill the monster, get its treasure, sell it for a large amount of in-game gold and then sell the gold for real world money. They do this all day just like having a job. Economist Edward Castronova discovered that Everquest players earned more than per hour in real world value just by playing the game.

The key for the independent film makers is that there are many roads to "cash out" of these online experiences and pocket the money. Imagine playing a multiplayer game all day and developing a high level character with stashes of gold and tons of magical items worth thousands of dollars in the real world! What could be more fun than killing orcs and dragons as a way to raise the money you need to get your independent film project done?

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Student Credit Cards And Cashless Lunch Payments

Students apply for a student credit cards primarily for one purpose to enjoy convenience and ease in their transactions. Today, the concept of quick and easy transactions is now being introduced in schools and colleges in the US through the cashless payment systems.

If you're not familiar with cashless payment systems, you may be surprised that this mode of payment does not involve cash at all. Students do not need to fall in a long anymore just to wait for their turn to pay. With this new payment system, students simply have their fingerprints scanned and check out with their lunches.

This new system uses biometric fingerprint scanners to identify and pull up the student's account. Afterwards, the amount of purchase will be automatically debited from the student's personal account so there's no need to fumble for cash and wait for a change.

Other schools also use other devices such as credit card readers and bar-code readers just like the ones used in department stores and groceries. As a result, each transaction does not need to take longer than a minute or even just a few seconds.

According to the May 2007 survey conducted by the School Nutrition Association,- a non-profit group that represents 55,000 school lunch providers in the US, about 62% of 1, 200 nutrition directors reported that they're already implementing the automated lunch payment system in their schools or a variation of the cashless payment system.

In the same survey, 4% said they would be implementing the automated lunch system within the next 12 months and almost 11% said they are planning to convert to the new system. Because of the positive response among school administrations and students, automated lunch payment systems are expected to become a part of the industry.

Automated lunch payments and Students

What are the advantages of using an automated payment system? For one, this new system hopes to decreases cases of theft among students. Since students won't have to bring cash with them, lost-money incidents can be prevented.

Students can also enjoy eating their lunch or relaxing during their lunch break instead of spending precious minutes on the lunch line. The new cashless payment system also encourages parents to go online and check out what their kids are eating for lunch.

By logging in into the student's account, a parent can track what his kid bought for lunch, what time he had lunch, and how much the meal cost them. Parents also have the option to transfer funds to their children's account using through the internet.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Trade In Nifty Future Intraday For Making Sure Profit

Over the years the Indian traders have realized that profiting in the nifty future trading is one of the best bet. However it is quite experienced that many day traders never make any success in nifty intraday trade. Learning little simplest technique can make some one a winner in the nifty intraday trading. I am going to narrate one most important and the simplest principle and trick for nifty intraday traders.

Understand the volatility. This is the parameter which will give you the most likely move the nifty future can swing in a day. In this case the term swing' means high and low difference in a day. Then the next question is how to find the volatility. In my book on Futures and options I have given the simplest method to find the volatility using the logarithmic mathematical procedure. If you do not have the book or you do not wish to calculate the volatility then the other procedure left out is refer the daily volatility column given in the NSE site against the Nifty future f &o quote section. You may get a figure 1.23 for 9th October 2009 price quote in the bottom of the page. In other words it says the nifty future has the potentiality to generate 1.23% returns today either in the long side or in short side. For example if nifty is trading at 5000 it will generate 5000X1.23%=61.50 point return. This small arithmetic information is sufficient enough for me to take a wise trade decision.

Now it is the time to migrate to a more realistic example. On 9th October 2009 at 10:45 a.m. I found the nifty at 4999. At that time the prior swing has recorded high 5021 and low was 4973 and the daily volatility was 1.23%. The previous days' closing was 5001. Since the daily volatility is a derivation from the yearly volatility I will calculate the return points from the previous days closing which is 5001X1.23%=61.5123 round it to 62 points. The next big thing I can do is I will take the clue from the mid point of high and low of the current day. As per my data the mid point is 4996.50. As per the recorded data the nifty high and low has created a swing of 49 points. My current price suggest I am just above the midpoint hence I have a chance to scale 62-27=35 point from here in upside or 27 point down from here to complete the calculated return of 62 points.

Now the last job is to derive a trade decision. Here the concept of cycle will get focused since my return is 62 points as per the volatility and every completion of 62 points will start a new cycle. It is often observed that if the stock trade above the mid point then it has the most likely chance of going up and in my case Nifty is above 4996.5(mid point ) and I will buy nifty at current price of 4999 for target 5034(i.e. 4999+35). Same time I will put my stop loss as 4996.5-27=4969.50. If the up side target is achieved then my next target will be in the 2nd cycle termination point of 5034+64=5096. If my buy side stop loss is triggered then the next cycle will be ending at 4907.50(i.e. 4969.50-62).

In between the 4969.50 and 4907.50 I will find one target at the mid point of it (i.e.(4969.50+4907.50)/2=4938.50 )the 2nd target will be the mid point of 4938.50 and 4907.50(i.e. (4938.50+4907.5)/2=4923). Same way the intermediate target of the upside move for 2nd cycle can be calculated.

Now as per the calculation I have entered the buy trade and the stop loss is triggered and given me the opportunity to enter the short trade of 2nd cycle. You may surprise to see that that nifty low was 4923.05 on 9th October 2009. I too have the answer why the 2nd cycle halted at 4923? But it is beyond the scope of this article.

For your information I will once again inform you this value is calculated when nifty were quoting at 4999 and have neither made any of these calculated high or low.

This same trick can me applied to all the stocks just by referring its daily volatility and applying the mid point concept on it. It will yield much refined result if you will apply my mid point method as describe on my book on Gann method under the 34 intraday technique section. You will be in a position to calculate many intermediate target points and most likely reversal points using midpoint method explained in the book.

In Smart finance we always experiment and teach you the simplest method which is easy to understand and follow. However stock market or commodity market or forex market has different price tags and each method has its limitation and can me applied only on selected group of price tag. These refined techniques we teach in seminar programs. However many of these techniques are featured in our published books. Try to use the above discussed technique in Nifty Future and experience the success.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Some Engaging Reasons To Choose Bic Promotional Pens: If Merely The Best Will Do In Your Buyers

Advertising pens would be the a lot of frequently-purchased business special gifts on the globe. They may have kept quite popular through the years for two important motives: they earn practical gift ideas that will get as used by your beneficiary, plus they're inexpensive. Actually small businesses are able to afford to advance them.

A person's style of writing implements converse quantities of prints about the good quality of one's business enterprise along with the services(ersus) and also items a person deliver. That's a person explanation why entrepreneurs who would like to present a greater information as compared to exactly the a person many people imprint with their promotional gifts pick BiC promtional branded pens.

BiC is definitely the global most recognized brand name in writing tools. Virtually every person you hands 1 in the market to will likely be familiar with the manufacturer and the quality associated with the title. (The fact is, Hunting for from 15 people understand the particular BiC label.) Allow me to share some alternative good benefits of using BiC for your next organization marketing campaign:

One) Top quality toner plus creating know-how: Quick circulation tattoo ink along with deception immunity printer ink are simply a couple like technological innovation accessible in BiC promtional branded pens. Few things are additional irritating if you are seeking to publish a little something rather than develop the printer ink appear with blobs, or even conversely, not to ever emerge in any respect. BiC's engineering helps to ensure that tattoo ink comes out without problems once and also your creating appears to be skilled and also legible.

Deception immunity tattoo ink is actually a exclusive solution that will protects your economical pursuits. It really is h2o and light (diminish) proof and cannot always be taken away with the ink eraser. All of this allows you reduce burning as a result of check washing and also other different types of forgery. BiC promotional pens with scam defense produce outstanding advertisements intended for finance institutions, purchase companies along with other financially-related corporations.

A couple of) Eco-friendly products: The business incorporates a variety of eco-friendly merchandise, which includes promtional branded pens. Made from post-consumer reprocessed elements, they assist to minimize upon waste materials and the use of cherished garbage along with organic options.

Three) A little something in each and every budget: By basic stick and click writing instruments in order to well slick luxurious freelance writers, business people can buy a new BiC discount pen that matches her / his spending budget.

5) Long-lasting: BiC dog pens are designed with a large typical regarding good quality. Superior products as well as better focus details cause them to become the best selection for entrepreneurs who would like to ensure that the particular promoting they will art print with their promotional bags persists provided that possible.

A lot of BiC writing instruments is often imprinted by using any kind of concept you wish. Most of business people decide to produce the business name and/or emblem, a previous address and/or an unknown number. Also you can opt to include your online target or even a personal sentiment.

BiC advertising pens make great special gifts regarding additional corporations and perhaps individuals way too. Impress all of them with days and also bands and make use of them as wedding or maybe birthday party favors as well as as distinctive holiday hello for church or synagogue associates. Your name combined with BiC name makes a promotional giveaway that is definitely memorable.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Msc Accounting And Finance At The University Of Southampton

If you are thinking about applying to enrol on the MSc Accounting and Finance masters degree at the Management School at the University of Southampton, then here is a quick overview of the course.

The Accounting and Finance MSc course is designed to meet the needs of students who have some knowledge of accounting and finance and who wish to extend their knowledge to an advanced level.

Students who have studied very little accounting or finance and have little relevant work experience are likely to find the programme very challenging indeed.

This MSc Accounting and Finance masters degree course consists of a core covering the main areas of accounting and corporate finance, and a research methods course that supports the dissertation.

Options available on this programme of study allow students to study particular aspects of accounting or taxation in more depth.

For example, there is a pathway within the programme that allows students to concentrate on research-oriented training and more advanced aspects of accounting and finance.

Your understanding of the subjects covered and your ability to use the knowledge and skills gained will be enhanced through a variety of methods and strategies on the MSc Accounting and Finance masters degree.

If you wish to apply to study this MSc in Accounting and Finance you should complete a University of Southampton application form and return it to the Academic Registrar.

Your application to study MSc Accounting and Finance will be carefully considered by a specialist member of the academic staff who will weigh up many factors; not only your academic achievements, interests and aptitudes, but also your motivation and your referee's confidential report.

At the Management School we make our decisions in most cases on the application form and supporting documents alone. However, candidates who require special consideration, e.g. on grounds of age, disability or non-standard entry qualifications may be interviewed.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Civil Lawsuits: Are They A Way Of Life?

Lawsuits are becoming a worldwide menace. Everyone should be afraid of lawsuits. You might think, "I'll never be sued". How wrong you are! It's so easy being sued now days.

Why? Direct & Indirect Liability We all know that we can be sued for direct involvement with an accident or by negligence. You can also be indirectly involved with a lawsuit. Joint & Several Liability is a legal concept used globally to drag innocent bystanders into lawsuits. Here's how. Theft, Fraud, or Personal Injuries caused by your Spouse, Business Partners, or Employees can make you liable.You can be sued and become "jointly and severally" liable for an injury to someone without having been personally negligent. All that is necessary is that you were connected in some way. If you are dragged into a lawsuit and the other defendants are without assets or insurance, you may end up being held liable for the full amount of the judgment!

WHAT ABOUT INSURANCE? Many lawyers recommend you purchase at least Million insurance for each of your businesses, homes, land, cars, motorcycles, and boats you own. This will cost you $ thousands in premiums every year depending on how large a deductible (which you'll pay to the plaintiff) you are willing to afford. Is that enough?

$ MILLIONS CAN BE AT STAKEHere are some recent civil court judgments from the United States:.5 million for children drowned and brain damaged in a swimming pool. million to a laborer who lost a limb at work on a construction job..87 million for sponsoring a party where a guest later caused an auto accident. .7 million for spilling some hot coffee on the legs while driving. In addition to the court award, you must pay $ Thousands to your defense attorney! You will also endure a lot of wasted time defending yourself and your reputation. Let's not even get into the physical & psychological Stress. Not Just in the USA: Citizens of Canada, Europe, Russia, Central & South America, and even communist China are being sued for similar injuries.

HOW CAN YOU PROTECT YOURSELF? The best solution is to strip you of all assets and become what is known as "judgment proof" amongst the personal injury trial lawyers around the world. Most lawyers charge their clients no direct fee for filing a personal injury lawsuit. This is known as a "contingent" fee. It means that the lawyer will collect no fee unless he wins the lawsuit and can collect the court awarded judgment amount. Before a lawsuit is filed, a careful lawyer will research the defendant's ability to pay a court judgment. If the defendant is "judgment proof", (he has no insurance, no ownership of assets that can be seized to pay off a court judgment) the lawyer will not want to sue that defendant. That's because the lawyer will spend all of his time and money pursuing a lawsuit with no hope of ever being paid. So, how can you make yourself Judgment Proof?

Domestic Corporations: Owning a corporation set up in your own country may provide a little protection. However, a domestic corporation can be sued as well. In addition, your shares in a corporation are assets in which a judgment creditor can seize. So-called "Limited Liability" corporations, companies, and partnerships don't really offer you bulletproof limited liability.

OFFSHORE CORPORATIONS: A better solution is to set up a corporation outside of your country (offshore). An Offshore Corporation can own real estate and vehicles in your country. For even better protection, set up different Offshore Corporations so each one owns only one of your major assets. For instance, one corporation owns your cars, another owns one piece of real estate, and another owns different real estate. As the old saying goes: "Don't put all of your eggs in one basket."


WHAT IS ASSET PROTECTION?Asset Protection entails protecting your accumulated wealth from unnecessary taxation, frivolous lawsuits, burdensome governmental intrusion, and greedy relatives or in-laws.

WHY PANAMA? Years ago, former British colonies like the Bahamas and the Cayman Islands offered anonymous corporations & secret bank accounts. Not any more. Even Swiss bank accounts are no longer secret. Panama is one of the few remaining countries allowing you total anonymity with setting up business entities and opening secret bank accounts.Panama's Bank Secrecy Laws are the best in the world. Your funds remain private, confidential, and safe inside Panamanian banks.Panama's Corporation Laws are the strongest around the globe. Corporate shares are never registered with any government agency in Panama. Panama is one of the last countries allowing total anonymous "Bearer" shares protecting the identity of shareholders.

THE COMPLETE OFFSHORE STRUCTURE You read about Panama Offshore Corporations. Their main purposes are to Protect your Assets and provide you with Privacy regarding your financial affairs. Let us explore the ultimate in Asset Protection and Privacy. The Complete Offshore Structure is a combination of Panamanian legal entities. A Private Interest Foundation owns the shares of Offshore Corporations. This is the utmost in Asset Protection, Privacy, Anonymity, and Convenience!Here is How It Works: Panamanian Corporations own all major assets (real estate, commercial businesses, commercial bank accounts, vehicles, etc.). The Foundation acts as a holding company for the Corporations. The Foundation also holds passive investment accounts and bank accounts.

What is a Foundation? The Panamanian Private Interest Foundation is a legal entity that acts like a Trust and operates like a Corporation. Law No. 25 of June 12, 1995 created and regulates Panama Private Interest Foundations.The Panama Private Interest Foundation based on Private Interest Foundation models from three different jurisdictions: Liechtenstein, Switzerland, and Luxembourg. Panama carefully designed the Panama Private Interest Foundation as a more modern, flexible, and affordable Asset Protection & Estate Planning vehicle for people worldwide.Banking: Panama has always used the U.S. Dollar as its official currency. Panama is a famous international banking center. Panama doesn't share its banking information with any other country. It is a crime for any bank employee to disclose banking information to any third party in Panama. Tax Haven: Offshore corporations and foundations do not pay Panamanian income taxes on income earned outside of Panama. Therefore, you can use your Panama entities to make money in other countries tax-free.

ASSET PROTECTION is necessary in today's lawsuit crazy world. While the steps we have summarized for you above may seem difficult and complex, they really are not. That's because using experts who know how to set up Offshore Corporations and Private Interest Foundations will make this easy for you.

Lawsuit Protection can now be a way of life.

Acne Formation In 4 Steps

Acne is so detrimental to people's self image and can push some people into depression but if the process of acne formation is understood it can change a person's life. There is a lot of misunderstanding that can be recognized by the way people mix the terms that can be used for acne like pimple, zit, whitehead and blackhead. These are different in nature and require a different method of treatment.

Zooming in on the skin we see hairs, pores, blemishes but we need to go deeper than that, we need to see beneath the skin. You have probably seen a picture of a cross slice of skin illustrating the hair follicle, sweat glands and other subjects of the skin.

In stage one we see that there is a plugged hair follicle but how did it get that way? The very first essential item that is needed for a zit to form is hormones. It is the presence of these hormones that causes the sebaceous gland to secrete more sebum than is normal. The hormones originate from various origins. The first source that we are very familiar with is puberty, as a young man or woman enters puberty, hormonal levels are elevated causing significant growth and development in the body, which is essential but the fact that it stimulates the sebaceous gland to secrete more sebum is a negative side effect of the developmental process. There are a couple other proven ways that hormone levels increase, sexual activity, stress and the consumption of dairy products. The first two cause hormone levels in the body while the third item, dairy consumption, includes the ingestion of hormones from a mother cow that were intended to help the calf grow quickly.

These hormones, despite the way they are present stimulate the sebaceous gland to secrete more sebum than is necessary. Sebum is a natural fatty oil substance used for lubricating the skin and hair. If there is too much sebum it is not able to exit the hair follicle quick enough and with the skin cells constantly shedding the two, sebum and skin cells, stick together and clog the follicle. The bacterium that need to be present for acne formation is called Propionibacterium Acnes or p. acnes is always present in the skin and does not cause problems under normal conditions but in the presence of a clogged follicle that is warm, moist, dark, lacks oxygen and there is plenty of sebum to eat the bacteria set up camp and have a typical roman orgy with lots of eating and reproductive activities. This activity causes chemicals to be released into the body that the white blood cells pick up on and they go to break up the party.

At step 3 of the acne progression the white blood cells arrive and they come in with both barrels blazing. They release chemicals that not only destroy the bacteria but surrounding tissue as well and some of the WBC's die in the process. All of this stuff that is accumulating in the follicle, dead bacteria, sebum, dead skin and now, battle debris from the WBC's is termed "pus" and is what causes the white head to form and be visible to onlookers. This is a mild inflammation and the skin may also begin to show redness and the area may be tender to touch. It is at this time that you can know a pimple is forming.

Stage 4 shows the progression of the accumulation of pus. There are a couple of things that can happen at this point. The first thing that is common is for the person to squeeze the zit to make the whitehead go away. The terrible thing is that squeezing a zit is the worst thing you can do because of one of the three following results from squeezing the zit. First, squeezing the zit can cause the underlying infection to be pushed through the tissues of the skin and spread to another follicle in another region of the skin. Second, the pus that is released onto the surface of the skin can infect other areas of the skin, spreading the acne and lastly, lifelong scarring can result. This scarring can be partially corrected by laser resurfacing, which is an expensive cosmetic procedure but most people live life with the scars. The scars that acne leave drive some people to emotional bankruptcy and they end up psychologically injured for the rest of their life. Some people sink into depression and can even have suicidal thoughts.

How much better to make every attempt to stop the process at stage one by practicing a lifestyle that is known to improve the chances of having better skin with fewer acne problems.