Saturday, November 17, 2012

Learn How To Make

We asked George Singh whether he has been involved with any companies that have been tarnished as a scam to which he responded with some of his anwers.

He has never been involved in any scams himself though understood how certain scams and schemes operated having come from a sales background as in the field of sales and making money there were very few rules but never breaking the law he stated.

He does not get involved in any scams however understands how some scams and schemes are operated as most people are aware and with a sales background he understands most are operated with selling products and services to consumers.

It has been reported that George Singh made over 17 million pounds with a direct sales company that he was involved with in the last decade, the company had originated from North America which expanded into the UK and Europe.

George Singh stated that he learnt a lot of selling and marketing systems and processes from the Canadians and Americans as they enjoy it much more over there and many more people are involved in sales in the USA and Canada.

He shared some of his experiences with us explaining that everyone sells.We start selling when we are children to our parents for when we wanted a bicycle, a new football or take that school trip and we naturally sell ourselves when we are older and go into relationships and people still refuse to admit they are sales people. He also stated that on the other hand we are all buyers just as we are all sellers, which when we sell we also buy without realising and when we buy we also sell, again without realising our actions. We did not quite understand his philosophy at this point.

George Singh advises and works with clients that want to enter new markets, expand or grow their sales and business. Having gained further knowledge of business consulting and being a business growth consultant he said it all begins with more sales to existing and new customers.
George Singh works closely with a network of consultants and associates throughout the UK and worldwide to help entrepreneurs, business owners and companies to outsell and outgrow their competitors by offering support to sales and marketing, finance for funding, start up or investment capital, management and human resources.

George Singh believes that sales and marketing are the only two areas that grows a business. All businesses should have a well planned marketing strategy, an excellent sales process and with everyone highly trained so they are competent and confident. If you are struggling in business, marketing, sales or financially no cash flow then you must get immediate help to put some of these systems in your business so it can start to grow.

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