Saturday, December 15, 2012

Contests to Earn Money: Take Part and Try Your Luck

Earning money is the primary goal of every human being today. As one can easily understand, without money, there is nothing in this world today. So people are looking for different ways of earning money. Among them, they are always getting attracted towards winning money by passive ways. There are several large numbers of passive income earning ways and among them, contest to win money is an important way of earning money. There are several different contests to earn money in world and all that one has to have to earn money by these contests is a good general knowledge and several other soft skills.

Quiz is an important contest to win money. There are several contests conducted by different agencies which distribute huge amount of money as prize. 'Kaun Banega Karodepathi', shortly known as 'KBC' is India's most famous quiz program. This program is being conducted in Delhi and famous bollywood actor Amithabh Bacchan is the man who runs this program. Once it was stopped and had restarted, with Shah Rukh Khan replacing Amithabh, but after a few days Amithabh got back his position in the contest again.

Those who want to contest in this program have to answer a question at first by phone. If that answer is correct, he will be invited to Delhi to sit in hot seat in front of Amithabh Bacchan. There are 15 questions, starting with Rs. 10,000 and ending in 10,000,000. There are three lifelines in entire quiz, namely phone a friend, 50-50 and audience poll. These lifelines can be used at any time of the quiz. There is negative evaluation for every question, that means you earn some amount of money for a question and you give wrong answer to next question, your earnings will be deducted.

Here is the structure of this quiz contest. It is like a three phase quizzing program, each phase containing five questions. After you complete every phase successfully, the amount which you earn at the end of each phase will be guaranteed to you. If you give wrong answer to any question at any stage in any phase, your earnings will drop to the earning of first question. For example, in first phase, you will earn Rs. 10,000 for your first question. For the fifth question, you earn 160,000. After you answer all five questions correctly, you are guaranteed of 160,000 and there is no further deductions in this amount, but if you lose anywhere in the middle of this phase, your earnings will drop to Rs. 10,000.

There is another contest to win money namely 'Savaal Das Karode Ka' and in this contest, prize money is 100,000,000 instead of 10,000,000. In this program, Anupam Kher is the person who asks questions in hot seat. Recently such contests have been started in many regional languages of India, including Kannada. In Kannada, famous film actor Puneeth Rajkumar runs a program namely 'Kannadada Kotyadhipathi'.

No matter whatever may be the name of different quiz contests conducted by different channels, all that is needed to participate in these contests is a good general knowledge and a little bit of luck. Try to take part in one and who knows? One day you may earn a crore by winning some contest!

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