Friday, June 29, 2012

A Brief History Of Real Estate Development In Nassau County

Steeped in centuries of history, Nassau County plays a theatrical role as the gorgeous, homey hamlet set amongst the backdrop of hectic New York City. Nassau joins the adjacent Suffolk County, forming the majority of Long Island the contiguous United States' largest island. It perhaps has been the most important, with Nassau County properties occupying a prominent place in the New York landscape for centuries.

An original battleground for the intellectual battles between Loyalist and Patriot parties during the American Revolution, Nassau was once a starkly divided set of villages. Founded by Dutchmen nearly 400 years ago (named for William of Nassau, Prince of Oranje), Long Island lays claim as one of the first European metropolitan areas in North America. The Battle of Long Island took place along the eastern shore by far the largest battle between British and American forces. Weathered relics can be found all over the now-burgeoning city even Theodore Roosevelt's Sagamore Hill home is among the Long Island real estate. Now Sagamore is home to the Theodore Roosevelt Museum and the thrilling 23-room Victorian made of mahogany, cypress and black walnut is preserved as a National Historic Site.

Nassau County real estate isn't just amongst history often it is the history.

Growth As America's Ideal Suburb

Opened May 4, 1905, Belmont Park plays home to the Belmont Stakes the third and final leg of horse racing's Triple Crown. Legendary thoroughbred such as Secretariat, War Admiral, Man o' War and Seattle Slew have graced and wowed the New York crowds at the park.

During the 20th century, Nassau County homes for sale saw unprecedented growth as New York's boroughs became crowded. The 20s and 30s saw the sleepy farms transformed almost overnight into prototypical American suburbs. Tired of the matchbox living in the city, most migrants fled for the suburban niceties found only in Nassau County real estate's quaint surroundings. The communities of East Meadow, Wantagh, Massapequa and Franklin Square grew tremendously. These communities still feature large Italian, Jewish and Irish American populations.

Living Today

Nassau County properties offer some of the best living accommodations in the New York City area today. One of the richest areas in the nation, the median household income of ,579 is an exceedingly high number considering the population of 1,350,000. Additionally, the county's residents enjoy living in one of the safest spots in the United States. In 2005, Forbes ranked Nassau County as the safest region in the U.S., with the lowest crime rate.

Nassau County real estate is available at a wide range of price points and styles including: Victorians, condos, single living, and multiple family arrangements. With quick access to the overflowing amenities of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, there's always something new to discover in the world's premier city.

Renowned for it's sophisticated culture within such a cluttered backdrop, the region has maintained it's quaint sensibilities despite increasing urbanization. Complete with a heart from yesteryear, expect Nassau County to continue into the new millennium as the prototype for integrating urbane living with the classical, northeasterner lifestyle.

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