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Application Letter Format

A right application letter format is a key that may open the doors of your success in a company. If you are looking for format of application letter this is what you should be reading. Read on, get tips along with application letter sample.
Application letters, if written impressively, can work for your best at any company/firm. It is a part of resume writing. Even if your resume isn't as heavy as other candidates applying for the same job, your application letter format may work in pleasing the interviewer, with the right choice of words. Application letter formats of various job applicants are often reviewed by the HR of the company/firm, to check the best applicant of all. If you score a ten on ten there, you are already in the interviewees list! Your job application letter should be well tailored, specifically for your profile. You should write your job application in such a way, that it highlights your achievements and specializations and play down your weaknesses. Below is a general format of application letter. More on letter writing.

Application Letter Format

Applicant's contact details
City, State, Zip Code
Phone Number
Email Address


Employer Contact Details
City, State, Zip Code

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name, (You must leave out this space if you do not have info about whom to address or you may simply write Dear Sir/Madam. A comma after salutation is must. In some countries, dear is not used in a job application letter, since it is considered as a business letter. You should check your region's letter writing etiquettes before using 'Dear'. You may alternatively use simple Sir/Madam/Ma'am or Respected Sir/Madam.

Body of Application Letter
The body of your application letter allows the employer/HR of the firm, to know what position you are applying for, the reason why employer should shortlist you for an interview, and how will you follow-up.

First Paragraph
In an application letter format, the first paragraph must include details on why you are writing the letter. You must mention the job you are interested in and applying for and how did you find that job listing. You may include the name of a mutual contact/reference, if you have one.

Middle Paragraph(s)
The middle paragraph of a general application letter format should describe what you have to offer the company/employer. You should mention your educational background and how your qualifications are best suited for the job you are applying for. You may write about your past work experiences, and what you gained from it. Do not make it sound like a resume. Remember, that it is an application letter which is a sort of interpretation of a resume.

Final Paragraph
General application format implies that the final paragraph must be a concluding one, in which the applicant should thank the employer for considering him for the job position. Including information about the follow-up is very important and you must do it only in the final paragraph.

Complimentary Close
Faithfully/Sincerely/Respectfully yours,

You may like to read on employment application template.

Application Letter Sample

Following is an application letter sample, along with the right application letter format. You may also use it like an application letter template. All the names, addresses and contact numbers in this application letter sample are fictitious and have no relation with any person living or dead.
Job Application Letter Sample

36 Mininova Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11288

April 11, 2009

Ms. Heather Thompson
Director of Campus Relations
AMC Corporation
14 West Fifth Street
Albany, NY 10056

Dear Ms. Thompson,

I am interested in applying for the Sales Executive position recently advertised in The New York Times. The marketing skills I have developed from my past work experience and educational background support my candidacy for the announced position.

As you can see from my resume, the internship I had with XYZ Corporation, provided me an opportunity to gain practical experience with account maintenance and cold-calling new accounts. I have also worked as a waiter for the past four years, learning firsthand how to effectively deal with customers and their demands. I have been formally commended by management several times and have been rewarded with the title of "Employee of the Month" several times.

I would like an opportunity to discuss your specific needs and my overall abilities regarding the announced position. You can contact me at (718) 234-6767. You can email me at Thanking you for considering me for this position.

Alex Wilson.


So, with that information on application letter format, a sample and an application letter template, I hope it has become easier for you to write an application in the right application letter format. Be very careful while choosing your words. Make sure you do not sound repetitive about your achievements and please do not sound like a resume. Make your application letter look and sound different than others. With that, I sign off. Here's wishing you all the best for the new job!

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