Monday, August 6, 2012

City Fire Department Lets You Play Firefighter.

With the rise of social gaming on social networks, City Fire Department took an approach which is realistic. By joining the game, the player tries to work their way through a career as a firefighter. When first joining, the player has to attend a fire academy. In the academy, they earn their Fire 1 certificates, Fire 2 certificates and also their EMT certificates. These basics allow them to respond on the beginner level runs in the game.

Once you graduate the academy, you are required to purchase an ambulance and respond to basic EMS and firefighter calls. By responding, you build your experience points and earn money for your department. You will need the experience to advance in ranks and the money to purchase equipment for your department. As you advance in rank, the dispatches become bigger and better and you will need a larger fire department.

City Fire department allows you to invite all your friends to join your fire department. The larger your department, the better you will do in the firefighter challenge section. This section allows you to challenge other fire departments in various skills. If you win, you win money and experience points and this also helps you advance within the game.

A nice approach in the game is the three different scenarios each dispatch has. This is a realistic but sometimes humorous approach. We all know firefighting is a serious business, but sometimes firefighters deal with some unreal circumstances and people!

Buying firehouses, fire apparatus and equipment for your department is a necessity in advancing in the game. You will need to keep track of what equipment you have to make sure your fire department is adequately equipped. The larger your department, the more equipment you will need. The larger departments have a much easier time in the challenges. Although, a large department might have the numbers, but if they don't have the proper equipment, a smaller department will beat them.

City Fire department plans on also doing an upgrade soon. In the ideas section of the game, they allow players to submit ideas which if used, the player will get credit for on the game with their fire department name posted next to the run. There were a lot of requests for special operations runs and the developers of City Fire Department will be adding a special operations section which will include heavy rescue, airport firefighting, Haz-Mat plus much more. The fire service is a 'jack of all trades' and they want to try and include as much as possible.

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