Thursday, August 23, 2012

Moving Guide: Things to Remember Before the Move

You have so many things to do and many things to think with your moving. Before anything else, here is our Moving Guide to help you what to do before you move

For your old home:

Utility Accounts - it is best not to forget to inform your utility service provider that you'll be moving to another place so they can make any meter reading on the day of the move itself. If you're moving out of the area and cannot get service with the same provider you'll also need to discuss closing your account with them.

Postal Services - your mail is important. make the necessary postal redirection service from your old address to the new one.

Change of Address cards - remember to inform everybody that you need to of your new address. You should be able to pick up some cards at your post office, or to save you some time you could print some yourself.

Reserve elevators, parking spots etc - remember to reserve the elevators for use (if applicable) in your current building. Do this with the management"s supervision. your moving truck should be parked also so reserve a space or two for it before the day of the move to save you from the trouble finding a place to park.

Stop delivery services - remember to cancel any delivery services, such as newspapers and milk, by giving several weeks notice of the date you wish them to stop.

For your new home:

Utility Accounts - remember to set up new utility accounts at least several weeks in advance. If you haven't had an account with the provider before, they may ask for a security deposit and this might take time to organize. You want to make sure that everything's ready and connected for the day you move in.

Reserve elevators, parking spots etc - the same goes for moving in as moving out if you're moving to a condo or similar. Double check what the building rules are and whether you need to reserve the elevators or a parking space for your moving-in day.

Repairs, decorating and renovation - if your new house needs any of these things doing, and you have the opportunity to do so, arrange to have these things done before you move in. It is so much better to decorate first your new home before transferring your things there!

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